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Springboard’s Incubator is a fiscal sponsorship program that provides sponsorship for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. In other words, we make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. In addition, Incubator artists receive support for their fundraising and marketing efforts, legal referrals, and networking support.

Incubator is designed for arts groups and individual artist projects that have a nonprofit purpose and/or are looking at becoming their own tax exempt nonprofit organization. Sponsored projects must be artist-led, fit with the mission of Springboard for the Arts, and be based in or producing work in Minnesota. Learn more about the Incubator program here.

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HoneyWorks aims to create truly unique performances that expand both dance and other artistic fields by uniting the two, and ultimately encouraging others – in all walks of life – to live more inclusively with the people and planet around us.


STRONGmovement aims to use the universal language of dance, blending styles such as Hip hop, Ballet, Modern, and West African to tell stories related to society and humanity as a way to bring communities together.


E/D aims to create provocative and visually stunning performance centered on the female experience. E/D is by women for everyone.

Leslie Parker Dance Project

Leslie Parker Dance Project aims to move Black culture forward into the future through dance-art. 

Concerto Dance

Concerto Dance aims to serve as a technical movement company driven by athleticism and musicality seeking to balance innovation with tradition in a context of community and hope.

Penelope Freeh Dances

Penelope Freeh Dances aims to create original, often collaborative dance work that forwards contemporary ballet with the goal of transforming how it is perceived and practiced.

Hatch Dance

Hatch Dance aims to bring together and support accomplished dancers, musicians, and designers from the Twin Cities to create contemplative, collaborative performances that reveal emotional truths, speak to human commonalities, and engage audiences by encouraging a wider sense of belonging.

Jagged Moves

Jagged moves aims to create dance experiences that explore athleticism and conceptual depth that engage, open dialogue, and challenge perspective.

Analog Dance Works

Analog Dance Works aims to provide a thought-provoking intersection between dance and science. Our goal is to incite a dialogue within the community on the relationship between the facts of our present and the visions of our future.

Movement Architecture

Movement Architecture aims to create, educate, and heal through movement.

Anda Flamenco

Anda Flamenco aims to create flamenco dance, theatre, and a teaching group.

Melissa Birch Projects

Melissa Birch Projects aims to produce interdisciplinary performance works across mediums that transpose social contexts into live installations.

Morgan Thorson Projects

Morgan Thorson Projects searches for the edges and the center of dance simultaneously; to seek out its interior and exterior spaces, with body, identity, architecture, and image. She creates dances that make useful those things that might not belong—valuing surprise and multiplicity in her productions.

Maggie Bergeron and Co.

Maggie Bergeron & Co. aims to create dance works by connecting engaging, resonant images with intriguing movement.

Karen Sherman Performance Projects

Karen Sherman Performance Projects aims to create new dance and performance work.

Kaleena Miller Dance

Kaleena Miller Dance aims to promote the form of American Tap Dance, expand its creative possibilities, and create opportunities for MN tap dancers.


DanceMN aims to provide an online resource that increases visibility for Minnesota dance and connects communities and audiences.

Dans Askina

Dans Askina aims to promote cultural awareness and appreciation of the traditional and modern dances, costumes, and music of Turkey.

Wisdom Dances

Wisdom Dances aims to awaken the creative power to transform self, community, and world through preserving, presenting, and teaching earth-based folkdance traditions and creative movement.


DanceCO’s mission is to create original dance productions for, and inspired by, young people.