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Explore toolkits that are designed to help artists, organizations, businesses and city governments build community - from artist-led creative placemaking to uses for vacant spaces to new modes of community planning.

Springboard Staff

Communications Director
Handbook for Artists Working in Community

Created by Springboard for the Arts, with collaborators and partners from around the country, this toolkit is a practical manual for individual artists who would like to begin or deepen work in and work with community.

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Your Idea Here

From the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, Your Idea Here: A Toolkit for Unlocking the Community Potential of Vacant Storefronts offers ideas and resources for activating vacant retail spaces.

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[freespace] toolkit

Launched originally in San Francisco, [freespace] is a community space with open programming, with a toolkit offering suggestion on how to engage a community with a space.

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Artist-Designed Bike Rack Toolkit

Modeled on Metro Arts Nashville's innovative artist-designed bike rack program this toolkit offers templates for calls to artists, working with city code and working with artists and fabricators.

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The Road To A Community Plan

Created by the Center for Regional and Urban Affairs at the University of Minnesota, this toolkit offers strategies and tactics for creative community input in the planning process.

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Community Supported Art

Modeled on Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Art commissions artists and connects patrons to art in a fun and engaging way. Esta caja de herramientas está disponible en español.

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Irrigate Toolkit

Created by Springboard for the Arts, Irrigate's artist-led creative placemaking model offers community organizing training and fosters business and organizational partnerships for creative activity.

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