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The directory is a place for Minnesota-based businesses, service organizations, and contractors to provide information about professional arts-related services and resources. Appearing in this directory does not constitute a direct endorsement from Springboard, although all businesses listed are required to submit two professional references and provide current work samples. All businesses are solely responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Don't see what you're looking for? Springboard can also provide referrals for art appraisers, camera rentals, insurance brokers, ASL interpreters, freelance writers, illustrators and designers. We'll help you find whoever you're looking for. Email to find out more.

If you're looking for an event or portrait photographer or a web developer, these FAQs might be helpful in determining what you need, and what to ask for: hiring a photographer and hiring a web developer. [PDFs]

Please also see this list of women-owned creative businesses in the Twin Cities, compiled by Kate Iverson. It includes listings for photographers, creative services and arts organizations. [PDF]

You can submit a listing here.

Springboard Staff

Artist Resources Director
monetization_onAccountants and Tax Preparers: Individual Artists

Accountants and tax preparers in Minnesota who are able to file tax returns for individual artists operating as a sole proprietor or LLC. 

monetization_onAccountants and Tax Preparers: Volunteer

Accountants and tax preparers in Minnesota who are able to file tax returns for individuals on a volunteer basis.


Professionals who work primarily with nonprofit organizations in researching and writing grants. Read more [PDF].

photo_cameraArtwork Documentation

Photographers specializing in documenting 2D and 3D artwork for portfolios, grant applications and websites. Read more [PDF].

favorite_borderProject and Administrative Support Services

Freelance professionals who work with individual artists and small organizations on administrative support with customer relations, event planning, grant proposals, marketing, business services and more. Read more [PDF].

monetization_onAccountants and Tax Preparers: Organizations

Accountants and tax preparers in Minnesota who are able to file tax returns for organizations, LLCs, non-profits or other business entities.

perm_contact_calendarActing and Model Representation

Minnesota-based acting and modeling agencies accepting new clients for film, TV, theatrical and/or print work. Read more [PDF].


Professionals who work with organizations on development, strategy, outreach, marketing, and funding. Read more [PDF].

local_printshopImaging, Scanning and Printing

Services such as large-format scanning, fine art prints, retouching, and professional printing on materials including canvas. Read more [PDF].


Videographers specializing in documenting events, creating promo videos, and providing post-production services. Read more [PDF].

all_inclusiveAll Listings

Review the directory for all categories, or search for keywords.