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Amy A Jewelry
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Pretty + Powerful

Using metalsmithing, wire-working, and knotting techniques, Amy A Jewelry revives surplus elements and discarded treasures – such as computer motherboards, bra underwires, and vintage glass Mardi Gras beads – connecting them with reclaimed metals, and gemstones that are associated with myth, power, and healing. Amy Wilderson Cousin is a Minneapolis-raised jewelry artist as well as a teaching artist, trained in Creative Aging/Vitality Arts methods. Amy is a member of the Northside Artspace Lofts community.

Amy A Jewelry (formerly Amy Cousin Jewelry) has two collections that frequently borrow from each other. Both collections are created using recycled and reclaimed precious metals as well as gemstones that are sourced from ethical suppliers unless otherwise noted, as with some vintage elements. In her Gemstone Energy collection, Amy creates energetically connected jewelry using ethically sourced gemstones that are associated with myth, power, and healing. The Revived Collection is all about taking the most unlikely items, things that are easily discarded or have lost parts – such as computer motherboards, silverware, metal underwires for bras, car and bike parts, and vintage glass Mardi Gras beads – and giving them new life. These pieces are excellent conversation starters.

Aventurine Satellite, pendant

Aventurine Satellite Pendant

Lapis Moonstone, necklace

Lapis Moonstone Necklace

Pill Computer, collar

Pill Computer Collar

Sodalite drop earrings

Sodalite Drop Earrings