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Looking for a healthcare provider? Check out this FAQ and a Directory of Healthcare Resources below or contact us for advice to help you locate someone to help.

By using this resource, you understand and agree that the information given is not intended nor implied to be, and will not be used as, a substitute for professional legal, tax, insurance or healthcare advice (but we’re happy to refer you to these professionals). Springboard for the Arts is not a provider, agent/broker, advisor or consultant of healthcare or health insurance.

Healthcare can mean a lot of things. Some examples include eye care, dental care, exercise, family planning, mental healthcare, and vaccinations. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a “primary care” doctor is a good place to start. They can help you figure out what kind of care you need and how to get that care.

For a list of healthcare providers artists have recommended to us, scroll down on this page below this FAQ.

Ask around to see if your friends or family members know anyone they would recommend. Don’t be afraid to go to a few places/people until you find one that works for you.

Additionally, Springboard has an AAH Voucher program where artists can get vouchers to use, like a gift certificate at a few healthcare providers in the Twin Cities and we list healthcare providers artists recommend to us below (scroll down to after this FAQ).

To find out where your insurance is accepted, see the next question.

The places where your insurance can be used are called “in-network.” If you go to places outside of your insurance plan’s network, you might pay more for your care than you would have if you’d gone to a place that’s in your health insurance’s network. To find out which people and places are in your insurance plan’s network, call the customer service phone number listed on your health insurance membership card.

For a list of healthcare providers artists have recommended to us, scroll down on this page below this FAQ.

Sometimes you just have to try it out and see how it goes! As you are trying out new resources, pay attention to how you feel when you are there. Do you feel comfortable? Can you ask questions? Do you feel like you are being listened to and taken seriously? Can you speak up about your needs? Finding a good healthcare provider—whether it’s a medical doctor, therapist or yoga instructor—takes time. Keep trying, trust your gut, and don’t settle for less because a good healthcare provider can make all the difference in your care.

For a list of healthcare providers artists have recommended to us, scroll down on this page below this FAQ.

One odd thing about healthcare is that, sometimes, the healthcare provider doesn't tell you how much your healthcare will cost before you buy it. In emergency situations, you don’t have time to ask how much something costs. But, if you do have time, please ask! The place that you’re getting the care from should tell you how much it costs and how much of the healthcare will be paid for by your insurance.

For a list of healthcare providers artists have recommended to us, scroll down on this page below this FAQ.

Often, insurance doesn’t help pay for all of your healthcare costs. And, even when insurance does pay for some of it, the cost can still too high. If it’s not an emergency, you or a friend can call around to find out how much the same healthcare costs at different clinics or doctors.

You can also seek out healthcare providers that have a “sliding fee scale,” which means that they price their healthcare depending on how much money you make or how much you’re able to pay. Most of these places welcome you whether you have health insurance or not. Many of these clinics are listed on this resource. Springboard also partners with People's Center Clinics and Services and United Family Medicine as part of our AAH Voucher Program.

See the next question for more resources!

For artists in Minnesota, Springboard has an AAH Voucher program where artists can get vouchers to use, like a gift certificate at a few healthcare providers in the Twin Cities. Springboard also has a Personal Emergency Relief Fund for Artists that may be able to pay up to $500 of a catastrophic medical bill, and/or check out this list of emergency funds here.

For a list of healthcare providers artists have recommended to us, scroll down on this page below this FAQ.

Health, Mental Health and Basic Needs

Springboard for the Arts page compiling resources for health, mental health, housing, and food assistance in these times.

See the List

Healthcare Resources Directory

Appearing in this directory does not constitute a direct endorsement from Springboard for the Arts.

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Find a health insurance helper

Use our new interactive guide to find a health insurance helper and connect to the support and care you need for your situation!

Find a health insurance helper!

Free healthcare:
 - HOPE Clinic (Duluth)
- Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation (Minneapolis) Free dance injury assessments held monthly at the Cowles Center.
- Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (Minneapolis)
- Pillsbury House Clinic (Minneapolis). Chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, medical services, counseling and health coaching.
Sage Cancer Screening programA program run by the Minnesota Department of Health that provides free breast, cervical and/or colorectal cancer screenings for qualifying Minnesotans.
Salvation Army Good Samaritan Health Clinic (Rochester)
 - St. Mary’s Health Clinics (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

 - Minnesota Dental Association. Maintains a list of resources for low-cost dental care.
Dental Lifeline Network: Minnesota.

Reproductive healthcare:
 - Family Tree Clinic (St. Paul)
- Planned Parenthood of Minnesota

Healthcare offered outside of a traditional clinic setting:
 - RetraceHealth. Visits at home, at work or online. Services include labs, tests, x-rays and prescribing medication.
Zipnosis. Visits online for common health issues (cough, sinus infections, etc). Clinicians can also prescribe basic medications, if medically indicated.

Mental healthcare:
- Dissonance Get Help Directory. Clinicians and organizations that are comfortable working with creative individuals.
- Enliven Psychotherapy (Saint Paul). Adam Arnold is an artist and psychotherapist.
Hamm Clinic (Saint Paul)
- Indigo Counseling Center (Saint Paul). Many artist and artist-friendly therapists.
- Amy Madson (Saint Louis Park). Amy Madson is an artist and therapist.
- Sophia Pimsler of Ellie Family Services (Saint Paul). Sophia Pimsler is an artist and therapist.
Dr. Ken Ujifusa (Wayzata). Dr. Ken Ujifusa is an artist and therapist.
Walk-In Counseling Center (Minneapolis, Saint Paul). Free, walk-in counseling services.

Mental healthcare- free helplines (available 24/7):
 - Crisis Connection
 - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

 - Everspring Health (Minneapolis). Nutritional counseling/part of Springboard’s AAH program.
Fare for AllDiscounted nutritious food.
Mastel’s Health Foods

 - Embodied Health (St. Paul)
- One Yoga (Minneapolis)
- Saint Paul Yoga Center (St. Paul)

Addiction resources:
 - Alcoholics Anonymous
- QuitPlan

Spiritual care and meditation:
- Marilyn Myo-O (St. Paul/Minneapolis)
- University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing (Minneapolis)
- Well Within (Woodbury). For those seeking to optimize their health in the face of cancer and other illnesses.

Massage and bodyworking:
- Bhakti Wellness Center (Edina)
- Embodied Health (St. Paul)
- Massage Geek (St. Paul)
- Neon Soul Wellness (Minneapolis)

- Everspring Health (Minneapolis). Part of Springboard’s AAH program.
Health Millennium (Saint Paul). Offers acupuncture and primary care. Does not accept insurance. Fees are listed on the website.
Jade Community Acupuncture Clinic (Winona)
- Minnesota Community Acupuncture (Edina; Maplewood)
- NE Community Acupuncture (Minneapolis)
- Professional Acupuncture and Physical Therapy (Duluth)

- Golden Sun Chiropractic and Wellness Center (Saint Louis Park)

 - Beth Knudtsen-Spears (Cambridge)
- Jackie Krammer Classical Homeopathy (Minneapolis)
- Minnesota Center for Homeopathy (Golden Valley)
- Vital Force Consulting (Northfield)

Prescription drug savings:
 - AIDS Drug Assistance program
- FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Card
- Minnesota Drug Card
- Minnesota Rx Connect
- NeedyMeds
- Partnership for Prescription Assistance

, Walmart, CVS, Kmart and Walgreens retailers also have prescription savings programs.