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Hinge Arts at the Kirkbride is a community development and artist residency program in Fergus Falls which activates cultural programming at or related to the historic Fergus Falls State Hospital, or the “Kirkbride Building.”

Launched in Spring 2015, Hinge Arts is intended to create opportunities where artists and community members gather to explore themes of transition, connection, and innovation inspired by the community’s 124 years of hosting a state mental institution.

The name “Hinge” is inspired by a belief that artists play a key role in connecting our past with our future. The name is a deliberate response to the word “unhinged” as it relates to mental illness.

Interested in hosting an artist talk, workshop or program at your organization? Questions about the Hinge Residency program? Please contact Naomi Schliesman:

Apply to Hinge Arts

The application deadline for residencies taking place between July and December 2019 was March 1st, 2019. Artists that applied will receive notification of their application status in mid April 2019. The next deadline for Hinge Arts is September 1st, 2019 for residencies taking place between January and June 2020. Guidelines will be posted in July 2019.

Artists of all disciplines and career levels are welcome to apply. We have three residency tracks: Career Development, for artists who want to work on their own self-driven projects during their time in Fergus Falls; Homecoming, for artists who spent all or a portion of their youth in the 9-county region of West Central Minnesota but now live elsewhere, who want to engage and collaborate with their home community; and Alumni, for artists who have previously participated in Hinge Arts that would like to build on connections or ideas from a previous residency.



Current artists

The following 9 artists have been selected to participate in the Hinge Arts Residency in Fergus Falls between January 2019 and June 2019.  These artists will either focus on career development or homecoming during their time in Fergus Falls, and several will offer workshops or programs in the Fergus Falls area. Learn more about the artists and their residency projects with Artist Meet & Greets. Events take place from 4:30pm- 5:30pm on Tuesdays (unless otherwise noted) at Springboard for the Arts.

Springboard Staff

Rural Program Director

Artist Development Director

"This was my first residency and it was a fantastic experience. I could’ve never created this piece at my home studio or even in my artist collective studio—not enough space...The benefit of the residency is the focused quality time. There was nothing BUT to do but continue to try over and over again to master the technique. I am so pleased with it. I love it."
-Hinge Career Development Resident Artist

AUSTIN TURLEY |  Career Development, January 2019

Austin Turley is a contemporary artist whose objects and images explore themes of presence, memory, time, and vulnerability within the layers of human existence. He received a BFA in sculpture in 2013 from Pacific Northwest College of Art. After graduating, Austin worked as a glass caster at Bullseye Glass Company for four years. He has been awarded residences from GLEAN (Portland, OR), Arquetopia (Puebla, Mexico) and a grant from the Regional Arts and Cultural Council. His work has been exhibited nationally and is represented by Gray Contemporary (Houston, TX). Austin currently resides in Portland, OR.

ELYSE-KRISTA MISCHE |  Homecoming, February 2019

Elyse-Krista Mische is a bird aficionado, hospice volunteer, and mixed-media artist who contemplates mortality, memory, unreality, and time through her drawings, sculpture, and performance pieces. She embraces make-believe and craft processes from her youth to address universal existential issues and to preserve a sense of the people and places in her life. Elyse-Krista grew up in St. Cloud, MN, spending substantial time as a child in Fergus Falls, MN. She now resides in Appleton, WI, where in 2011 she earned a B.A. in studio art from Lawrence University. She has completed multiple artist residencies including Holden Village (Chelan, WA 2015), Elsewhere Studios (Paonia, CO 2016), The Charles Adams Studio Project (Lubbock, TX 2016) and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN 2017-18). She has been supported in her creative pursuits by the Chamber of Commerce and Goodwill Industries of Wisconsin. Elyse-Krista continues to show her work both nationally and internationally and currently serves an appointed member of the Appleton Public Art Committee.

STERLING MELCHER & MEG KIRCHHOFF |  Career Development, May 2019

Sterling and Meg are a collaborative duo, working with freely accessible live feed and video projection in order to investigate the positive connectivity we gain as a society through social media and emerging technology. Both graduates of St. Olaf College — Sterling with a BA in Theater and Film Studies, Meg with a BA in Dance and Middle East Studies — Meg now resides in Minneapolis, and Sterling in Philadelphia.

Meg is a Dance Teacher and Choreographer with certifications in Yoga and Pilates Instruction. Her passion for Modern Dance, Somatics, and Physiology inform her movement style and how she teaches dance to movers of all ages. Meg continues to explore how Dance can start conversations and teach us more about ourselves.

Since moving to Philadelphia, Sterling received an MFA in Devised Performance from the UArts/Pig Iron School. He has performed in bike shops and warehouses for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and was most recently seen making everything up on PhillyCAM public access TV. His work focuses on collaborating with artists from different fields in order to create experimental performance work out of the
collision by-product. You can see his work at


GLENDA REED |  Alumni, June 2019

Glenda Reed is an award-winning feminist writer, artist, educator, and adventurer. She’s received funding from the Jerome Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, and the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Her work has appeared in Creative Nonfiction and The Best Travel Writing, among others. Glenda is also a winner of The Moth StorySLAM. She teaches at the Loft Literary Center, is a COMPAS roster teaching artist, and mentors through the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop. Her in-progress memoir follows the years she set out to sail around the world by hitchhiking on sailboats. At a time when the backlash against women’s social progress and feminism is at a peak, Reed is writing her own true-life story of one woman who charted her own course for adventure.

NAHSHON ANDERSON |  Career Development, February 2019

Nahshon D. Anderson is a writer and emerging screenwriter from Altadena, California. They studied at California State University, Los Angeles and have worked in TV & Film production for over two decades. They've been published in several anthologies and literary journals and are a monthly contributing writer to Lambda Literary Review. They are the recipient of multiple grants, fellowships, honors and awards. Nahshon is also a former Grants Advisory Panelist for the New York State Council on The Arts and has been a Lambda Literary Awards Juror as well as for Scholastic Art & Writing. Nahshon's courageous and gut-wrenching memoir debut memoir, "Shooting Range" is now being shopped around for a publishing deal. They're also currently a BCA SU-CASA artist in residence teaching seniors creative writing.

ROSALIE SMITH |  Career Development, April 2019

Rosalie Smith is an emerging artist born in Blacksburg, VA. She grew up in Upstate New York, Miami, and New Orleans, where she currently resides. She completed her BA in Studio Art and Landscape Studies at Smith College in 2015, primarily under the guidance of Lynne Yamamoto, Kevin Quashie, and John Gibson. She has shown her work at venues such as The Freezer (Skagastrond, Iceland), Janotta Gallery (Northampton, MA), The Furnace (Albany, NY), Antenna Gallery (New Orleans, LA), Alice Galleries (Islesboro, ME), and Brand New Orleans Gallery (New Orleans, LA), and the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), among others. Smith recently concluded her position as Teaching Artist in Residence at Snow Farm Craft School in Williamsburg, MA, and has previously completed a residency at Nes Artist Residency (Skargastrond, Iceland).

TINA GROSS |  Career Development, May 2019

Tina Gross is a poet, librarian, and activist originally from Battle Lake, MN. During her Hinge Arts Residency, she plans to focus on found poems related to the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center site, where her grandmother worked in 1970s and ‘80s. Found poetry and constrained writing are a significant focus of Tina’s work, and she experiments with techniques that incorporate search results and other features of the research tools that she helps to create and maintain in her job as a cataloging/metadata librarian. Her poems have appeared in journals including Rogue Agent, The Laurel Review, Third Point Press, and Poetry City, USA. She currently lives and works in Saint Cloud, MN, and is an MFA candidate in creative writing at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

EBEN KOWLER |  Career Development, June 2019

Eben Kowler is a dance artist in Minneapolis, MN. He has performed in works by George Stamos, Paula Mann, Chris Schlichting, Morgan Thorson, Body Cartography Project, Pramila Vasudevan, Bart Buch, and is a co-founder of DaNCEBUMS (

DaNCEBUMS is a choreographic collaboration creating crowd-pleasing performances imbued with humor, groove, exertion, and extreme bliss. In a search for radical joy, DaNCEBUMS embrace the awkward, conjure nostalgia, and contemplate bright futures. They have performed in four states, the Walker Art Center, Red Eye Theater, The Southern Theater, and the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Eben is the co-publisher of GOOD JOB, a Twin Cities dance zine, and has created original works for Forecast Public Art, In the Heart of the Beast, The Full Moon Puppet Show, Red Eye Theater, and Young Dance. He has over ten years of experience working with youth and currently is a volunteer mediator with the Conflict Resolution Center.


Wesley Fawcett Creigh, mixed media/visual, Tucson, AZ, Homecoming
Marya Hart, composer/musician, Minneapolis, MN, Homecoming
Michael Vangel, writer/musician, Roseville, MN, Career Development
Jared Coffin, composer/musician, Hudson, WI, Career Development
Martha Bird, multidisciplinary/maker, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Erin Kate Ryan, writer, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Dillon Samuelson, visual, Lititz, PA, Career Development
Annalise Bue, visual, Rosemount, MN, Career Development
Allison Roberts, visual, Shawnee, KS, Career Development
Benjamin Domask, performance/visual, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
James Colby, composer/musician, Tucson, AZ, Career Development
Brian Laidlaw, composer/musician, Boulder, CO, Career Development
Dana Sikkila, visual, Mankato, MN, Alumni
Desdamona, spoken word/performance, St. Paul, MN, Career Development
Laura Latimer, visual, Austin, TX, Career Development
Allison Ellingson, visual, Chicago, IL, Career Development
Katelyn Haugdahl, visual/film making, Los Angeles, CA, Homecoming
Melissa Wray, community storytelling, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Joe Davis, spoken word, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Karima Walker, composer/visual, Tucson, AZ, Career Development
Mai'a Williams, literary, Winona, MN, Career Development
Kevin Thomas, literary/visual, Gig Harbor, WA, Career Development
Sabrina Hornung, visual, Fargo, ND, Career Development
Megan Flød Johnson, visual, St. Paul, MN, Career Development
Seth Dahlseid, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Homecoming
Torey Erin, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Homecoming
Asako Hirabayashi, composer/musician, St. Paul, MN, Alumni
Erika Andersen, musician, Boca Raton, FL, Homecoming
Ashley Strazzinski, visual, North Adams, MA, Career Development
Felix Ayodele, musician/songwriter, Denver, CO, Career Development
Laura Youngbird, visual, Breckenridge, MN, Career Development


Jane Claire Remick, multimedia, Washington, D.C., Career Development
Mary Rothlisberger, multimedia, Palouse, WA, Creative Placemaking
Bess Boever, composition, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Ashley Hanson, music, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
Lindsy Halleckson, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Susan Lenz, visual, Columbia, SC, Career Development
Josh Preston, literature, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Nik Nerburn, film, Atlanta, GA, Creative Placemaking
Eric Larson, theater, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
David Hamlow, visual, Good Thunder, MN, Career Development
Gina Hunt, visual, Good Thunder, MN, Creative Placemaking
Rebecca Yates, poetry, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Stephan Clark, literature, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Rene Meyer-Grimberg, multimedia, Saint Paul, MN, Creative Placemaking
Christine Marcotte, literature, Deer River, MN, Career Development
Katherine Bergstrom, dance, New York, NY, Career Development
Asako Hirabayashi, composition, Falcon Heights, MN, Career Development


Ellie Kingsbury, multimedia, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Charles Matson Lume, visual, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
Jes Reys, film, Saint Paul, MN, Career Development
Christine Marcotte, literature, Deer River, MN, Career Development
Stephen Krishnan, guitar, Austin, TX, Career Development
Siloh Radovsky, interdisciplinary, Olympia, WA, Career Development
Dakota Sexton, multidisciplinary, Eagan, MN, Creative Placemaking
Bethany Lacktorin, multidisciplinary, Brooten, MN, Creative Placemaking
Mary Provenza, visual, New York, NY, Creative Placemaking
Katina Bitsicas, visual, Columbia, MO, Career Development
Liz Miller, visual/installation, Good Thunder, MN, Career Development
David Hamlow, visual/installation, Good Thunder, MN, Career Development
Joshua Weinberg, composer/musician, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Holly Streekstra, visual, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
Tessa Torgeson, writer, Fargo, ND, Career Development
Sharon Mansur, visual/performance, Winona, MN, Career Development
Glenda Reed, writer, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development
M.E. Fuller, literature, Brainerd, MN, Career Development
Courtney A. Johnson, multimedia, Nashville, TN, Creative Placemaking
Grace Clark, visual, Lake Park, MN, Career Development
Su Hwang, poetry, Minneapolis, MN, Career Development


Don Clark, photography, Moorhead, MN, Creative Placemaking
Nancy Cook, literature, Saint Paul, MN, Creative Placemaking
Kristina Estell, visual, Duluth, MN, Creative Placemaking
Chandra Glaeseman, multimedia, Portland, OR, Creative Placemaking
Haley Honeman, theater, Mesa, AZ, Creative Placemaking
Courtney A. Johnson, multimedia, Nashville, TN, Creative Placemaking
Skye Livingston, multimedia, Kansas City, MO, Creative Placemaking
Ana Miller, vocal, Morris, MN, Creative Placemaking
Scott Miller, composition, St. Cloud, MN, Creative Placemaking
Timothy Moore, literature, Chicago, IL, Career Development
Shannon Murray, music, Bemidji, MN, Creative Placemaking
Nik Nerburn, film, Atlanta, GA, Creative Placemaking
Caitlin Scarano, poetry, Milwaukee, WI, Creative Placemaking
Dana Sikkila, visual, North Mankato, MN, Creative Placemaking
Ethan Smith, photography, Fargo, ND, Creative Placemaking
Kevin Springer, sound, Minneapolis, MN, Creative Placemaking
Maria Stabio, visual, Brooklyn, NY, Career Development
Timothy C. Takach, composition, Minneapolis, MN, Creative Placemaking
Robert Uelkin, dance/film, Troutdale, OR, Creative Placemaking
Rosie Yerke, dance, Troutdale, OR, Creative Placemaking