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Listen Up! Youth Radio

Board Member (general adult member or treasurer)

Location: MN — Twin Cities Metro
Type: Board Member
Any discipline

Deadline: 12/30/2024

Other Criteria:
Open to artists nationally
Open to artists statewide


Listen Up Youth Radio is a Twin Cities-based social enterprise, worker-self-directed non-profit, working at the intersection of youth employment, civic engagement, and media production.

Listen Up provides youth paid training in audio production, storytelling, and media literacy while offering services to clients. We use a media justice framework to address the country’s lack of: 1) Opportunities for young people to access and learn radio broadcasting skills, 2) Representation of youth particularly BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, low income, or female youth in media, & 3) Robust or relevant experiences for youth to practice collective leadership and dialogue.

More information on the org on our website:

Listen Up’s board is a fun and joyful group of adult and youth members. We center youth voice and work cooperatively. We recognize the importance of media story-telling in helping change the world.

The board is responsible for partnering with our youth, staff, and volunteers to:
● determine the mission and purpose of the organization,
● select and evaluate the performance of executive leadership,
● set the strategic direction and provide organizational planning,
● ensure strong fiduciary oversight and financial management,
● fundraise and develop resources to sustain the mission,
● develop, grow and evaluate the organization’s programs and services,
● amplify the organization’s work in public settings, and
● assess its own performance as the governing body of the organization.

Desired skill set:

Individuals with community connections and willingness to make introductions to potential donors and partners (ie. schools, organizations, corporations, foundations, media), Knowledge of or willingness to bring creativity and passion to fundraising, Human Resources experience, Accounting/finance experience, Leadership experience, and Previous worker cooperative, participatory democracy, or worker self directed nonprofit experience.

Financial Support

We ask 100% of board members to: re-share social media content monthly, volunteer at our annual fundraiser, and make an annual commitment to Listen Up at a level that is meaningful to and possible for them. This is a donation either in: 1) dollar amount, 2) time, OR 3) solicitation of connections.

Meetings and Time Commitments:

● The board meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings typically last 1.5 hours. Committees meet for 30-45 minutes once a month. Total monthly commitment averages between 2-2.5 hours/month.

● Board members are expected to help with special events or projects throughout the year. This can average 4-6 hours/year.

Length of Service

Adult terms are 2 years and start January 1st. They may be renewed through re-appointment or application.
Youth terms are 1 year and start September 1st. They may be renewed through re-appointment or application.

To Apply

Make your interest known, talk with the Listen Up board member who reached out to board chair Mik Finnegan ( or our Executive Director at