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AZ Gallery

Collective ALCHEMY

Location: MN — Twin Cities Metro
Type: Call for Submissions
Any discipline

Deadline: 08/30/2024

Other Criteria:
Open to artists statewide
Sales opportunity


The curatorial essence of our 2024 exhibition schedule is one of Collective ALCHEMY.

When most people think of ALCHEMY, they think of the legendary quest to create gold or the ultimate “healing elixir”.
But taken metaphorically, the processes of alchemy can be applied to basically anything that
nudges you along on your own personal journey.

To put it very, very, VERY simply – ALCHEMY is intentional transformation. CREATIVITY personified.

It’s about seeing things in a new light and about applying things and using things in a way that
hasn’t been done before to CREATE something new, exciting, magical and innovative.

This power to transform things for the better, real or imagined, is ALCHEMICAL ART.

We are here to promote, inspire and enable the creative process.

Please join us on this JOURNEY in 2024.

As a small, women owned, nonprofit gallery we provide unrestricted access to community exhibition space designed to showcase and artist’s best work; free of submission fees, content regulations, themes, size or material restrictions.

All artists, doing whatever it is they do, are encouraged to apply.

The exhibitions are juried by a rotating panel of industry professionals and curated in response to the submissions received. Artists are welcome to submit one piece during each exhibition cycle. If your piece is not selected in the first submission round, feel free to resubmit the same piece during another submission cycle.

The jury panel will select work for each exhibition based on commonalities found amongst the overall collection of work submitted, as well as, taking into consideration both the mastery of medium and presentation quality.

Cycle I | Collective ALCHEMY
Exhibit Dates: January 13 – March 24, 2024

Call for Art Opens: 10/15/23
Call for Art Closes: 12/15/23
Notifications Sent: 12/25/23
Cycle II | Collective ALCHEMY
Exhibit Dates: March 30 – May 26, 2024

Call for Art Opens: 1/1/24
Call for Art Closes: 2/28/24
Notifications Sent: 3/12/24
Cycle III | Collective ALCHEMY
Exhibit Dates: June 8 – August 25, 2024

Call for Art Opens: 3/1/24
Call for Art Closes: 4/30/24
Notifications Sent: 5/14/24
Cycle IV | Collective ALCHEMY
Exhibit Dates: Sept. 28 – Nov. 17, 2024

Call for Art Opens: 7/1/24
Call for Art Closes: 8/30/24
Confirmations Sent: 9/10/24
Gallery Commission: 50%.

AZ Gallery is a community gallery located in Lowertown, Saint Paul. We provide opportunity to artists, in all stages of their careers, for growth, personal exploration and creative risk taking.