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Ready Made

Ishu’s Himalayan Foods

You can buy products influenced by Nepali/Himalayan culture here. If chutneys, chocolates, spices, curries sounds good, this is the right place for you. Unique recipes are handcrafted with affection.

Products; Lime and Lemon Chutney (Aachar); Chai chocolate; Ginger chocolate; Cayenne Pepper chocolate and Tomato chutney (Aachar).

Unique recipes and are handcrafted.

Lime and Lemon chutney (Aachar) is powerhouse of Vitamin C to boost immunity.

Chocolates and the spices form a unique blend of taste making it a great gift idea for yourself and others.

Tomato chutney (Aachar) is made by local organic tomatoes picked in the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood.

Chocolates, boxed


Lemon & Lime, and Tomato Chutneys, bottled

Lemon & Lime, and Tomato Chutneys

Lemon & Lime Chutneys, bottled

Lemon & Lime Chutneys