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Ready Made

Pickle Witch

Collaborative zines from primarily BIPOC FTW artists on topics ranging from food, death, biking, and aliens. Art, writing, recipes, and more shipped directly to you.

In this age of on demand digital entertainment and the immediacy of online communication, it is easy to become overwhelmed and oversaturated by data. Slow down and hold one of my zines in your hands. There are no push notifications or tabs or hyperlinks. Just art and writing from a variety of mostly BIPOC FTW creators. ā€¯Zines” are short for “magazines,” and are small, self-published works of art and passion. Curl up and have an experience in the physical realm with a zine!

Did You Eat, zine

Did You Eat?

Unrest, zine


Pickle Witch #1, zine

Pickle Witch #1

The Magic of Salt, zine

The Magic of Salt