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Minnesota Lawyers for the Arts is pleased to connect artists in need of legal assistance to an attorney for a free phone consultation. Requests are for arts-related questions only. Complete the form below and one of our staff will follow up with you.

If you have general questions about copyright, taxes, intellectual property, trademarks, setting up a business, licensing, writing or signing a contract, copyright and trademark infringement, artist immigration, music royalties, leasing and buying property, estate planning, or other law-related questions related to your work as an artist, you can request a free phone consultation with 1-2 of our volunteer attorneys.

You’ll be connected to up to two attorneys by phone or email, and you’ll be eligible to receive 30 minutes of free phone consultation. If additional services are needed, you can work out a reduced rate with the attorney of your choosing.

Important note about contracts: Please note that attorneys cannot create contracts as part of a phone consultation. If you have a contract you need to have created or reviewed, you may wish to make an appointment at a legal clinic, make a pro bono request or contact us to be referred to one of our partner organizations. If you have a contract you'd like to have fully reviewed, please be aware that the attorney may have to review the contract via email or in person, which may involve a fee.

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Artist Resources Director