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The Rural Regenerator Fellowship brings together individual artists, makers, and culture bearers, grassroots organizers, community development workers, public sector workers and other rural change-makers who are committed to advancing the role of art, culture and creativity in rural development and community building.

The 2024-26 Fellowship will focus on supporting artists whose work is connected to land, environment, and/or food systems. Rural artists who are using their creative practice to explore environmental justice, land and food sovereignty, agriculture, foodways, climate solutions, and/or sustainability are welcome to apply. 

What the Fellowship offers:

- Unrestricted $10,000 stipend to continue or expand rural artists' existing work.

- Opportunities for exchange and learning with other Rural Regenerator Fellows across the Upper Midwest.

- A platform to build solidarity across rural geographies.

This year’s new effort to amplify and support the urgent work of environmental stewardship aims to bring a new level of focus to the Fellowship in order to collectively contribute to long term change and support existing movements.

For its first three years, the Rural Regenerator Fellowship has been open to all rural artists in the Upper Midwest. Going forward, we anticipate that future Rural Regenerator Fellowships cohorts will rotate more specific areas of focus, in order to provide a platform for solidarity across rural geographies that address challenges and opportunities in the Midwest, and to focus on our goals of providing specific resources and building collective power.

Applications for the 2024-26 Fellowship will remain open until midnight (CST) on Monday, June 24. Apply today.

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Rural Program Manager

Rural Program Manager
Apply for the 2024-26 Fellowship

Applications for the Rural Regenerator Fellowship will close at midnight (CST) on Monday, June 24, 2024.


Image Credit: artists from WEdances Movement Collaborative perform a new work as part of the 2023 Rural Futures Summit, hosted by Springboard for the Arts in Fergus Falls, MN. Photo by Rayshele Kamke. 

Watch the Rural Regenerator Fellowship Information Session

Fellowship Overview

Meet the Fellows

2023-25 Fellows

The 2023-25 Rural Regenerator Fellows are Mary Knox Johnson, Keith Pilapil Lesmeister, Franciszka Voeltz, Ne-Dah-Ness Greene, Anni Zylstra, Karrie Steely, Kyle Mesteth, Courtney Bunker, Erika Nelson, Mary Ellen Jones, Andrea V. Duarte-Alonso, and Klaire A. Lockheart.

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2022-24 Fellows

The 2022-24 Rural Regenerator Fellows are Penny Kagigebi, Wicanhpi Iyotan Win Autumn Cavender, Melissa Wray, Lyle Miller Sr., Awanigiizhik Bruce, Siricasso Garcia, Rufus Jupiter, Nancy XiáoRong Valentine, and Eliza Blue.

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2021-23 Fellows

The 2021-23 Rural Regenerator Fellows are Alice M McGary, Amber Hansen, Annie Hough, Bethany Lacktorin, Talon Bazille, Mai'a Williams, Molly Hassler, J Erin Hutchinson, Inkpa Mani, Sandra Kern Mollman, and Elisha Marin.

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Read about the Fellows

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