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The Great Community Sing Along

The Great Community Sing Along aims to produce a sing along in the Twin Cities, MN, with performances accompanied by the audience, the in house pipe organ and audio visual of historical photos, at the Heights Theatre in Minneapolis.

House of Song

House of Song aims to bring the very best art-song and ballads to retirement communities and veterans’ facilities in Minnesota.

Marine Candlelight Series

Marine Candlelight Series aims to establish a setting in Marine on Saint Croix where high quality chamber music can be heard in an intimate setting, joining artist and audience together for a shared appreciation of the arts.

Classica Chamber Players

Classica Chamber Players aims to provide diverse programming of the highest quality for piano, violin, and cello.

Classical Music Project

Classical Music Project aims to celebrate the finest of music from the Classical Music Era through performances rewarding to the players and audience, featuring innovative programs that bring the joy of making fine music to everyone involved.

Minneapolis Southside Singers

Minneapolis Southside Singers aims to foster and steward a choral group comprised of singers 55 years of age or older in South Minneapolis.

The Roving Cul-de-Sac Bluegrass Review

The Roving Cul-de-Sac Bluegrass Review aims to preserve and perpetuate the art form of Bluegrass by the first Appalachian practitioners. To do so, they propose a roving series of weekday evening concerts.

Polyrhythmic Arts

Polyrhythmic Arts aims to integrate mental health education with creative disciplines such as creative writing, music production, and songwriting in the Twin Cities region, seeking to destroy barriers blocking residents from accessing professional creative services, such as music production and education.


{Trés} aims to raise awareness of the struggles of the Puerto Rican diaspora through music.

Twin Cities Tango Collective

Twin Cities Tango Collective aims to create a thriving culture of tango musicians in the Twin Cities through community ensembles, live performances, and classes dedicated to the art and culture of Argentine tango music.

Powderhorn Park Music Project

Powderhorn Park Music Project aims to engage the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis by providing access to musical experiences, particularly to communities that would not otherwise have such access (e.g. Latino and BIPOC community members).

Dream Songs Project

Dream Songs Project aims to preserve the long tradition of music for classical voice and guitar through performances and education, while fostering the creation of new music for the ensemble through collaborations, arrangements, and commissions. Learn more at the project’s website.

Twin Cities Music Therapy Scholarship Program

Twin Cities Scholarship Program aims to provide music therapy for individuals who do not have access to it otherwise. These groups would primarily include older adults with dementia, individuals of all ages with mental health needs, and adults with disabilities.

FluteSpiration Quartet

Flutespiration quartet aims to share its musical expertise through recitals, benefit concerts, community and educational outreach performances to seniors and students, religious services and other events. Their goal is to inspire others and share beauty and joy through flute music.

See Change Treble Choir

See Change Treble Choir aims to celebrate and share women’s artistry and strength through song, collaboration and community.

Sonora Winds

Sonora Wings aims to bring rare music to light, striving to transform the listener’s experience by presenting music through sight, speech, and sound.

Aspire Music Academy Foundation

Aspire Music Academy Foundation aims to provide donation-supported tuition assistance for vocal performance, show choir sets, and other forms of music instruction and donation-based access to physical assets related to these disciplines.

Summit Music Twin Cities

Summit Music aims to provide two types of music outreach in Minnesota: music education opportunities for students and professional music in senior communities. One of our most innovative programs is our Parking Lot Concerts for Seniors.

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope aims to break down barriers between incarcerated women and the outside community through the use of choral singing.

Points of Light

Points of Light aims to bring the arts to use participatory sound, movement, and visual art to invite individuals and communities into a space for personal healing and collective transformation.