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Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Dale Street Bridge Project
RFQ response deadline: May 7, 2018 11:59pm


Seeking 1-3 artists connected to the Rondo neighborhood in Saint Paul to work with
artist Seitu Jones and the Dale Street Bridge reconstruction design engineers (the
engineering firm TKDA) to define 2-3 public art opportunities on the bridge and
engage community in creating public art designs for those opportunities. The public
art will be fabricated as part of the bridge construction process led by Ramsey
County in 2019. A total of $25,000 is available for the artist(s) commission, plus a
budget of $5,000 for community engagement and $5,000 for technical design
drawing assistance should the artist(s) require it. Artists who have not received
commissions for public art projects are especially encouraged to apply.


  • -Artists of any discipline who live, work or have a demonstrable connection to the Rondo community/neighborhood.
  • -Artists may have experience creating public art but not have received a large ($25,000 or more) public art commission.
  • -Artists whose work has not included permanent public art.
  • -Artists who work in mediums other than visual art are encouraged to apply if they are interested in creating permanent public art. For instance a poet might work with community members to create poetry that is cast into
    bridge railings.
  • -Artists must be able to meet in person in Saint Paul over the project duration.
Listen to audio recording of the Dale Street Bridge Project Information Session


Erin Laberee-- Ramsey County
Seitu Jones--Lead artist
Dale Gade-- MN Dot
Peter Thompson- Springboard for the Arts

More information on the Project and RFQ Guidelines
Get more info
Submit an application to the Dale Street Bridge Project
Apply here

Other upcoming Rondo Public Art opportunities:

Rondo Library Renaissance
Public art for the Rondo Library

More details on the Rondo Renaissance website!

Rondo Community Outreach Library is a community gathering place: A safe haven for students, a resource for job seekers, a training center for literacy, a home to the world’s great literature. Inside the Library, ideas are bubbling to the surface, knowledge is building, empathy is cultivated, and imaginations are transported to faraway worlds. Outside the Library is a cold stone façade that belies the energy, creativity and hope within.

Unfortunately, the austere facade makes it identifiable only as "that brown building." Our vision is to create an inspiring and inviting urban statement that celebrates the Library, learning, literature, and literacy while welcoming the neighborhood it serves, responding to the local environment, and highlighting the role of art and artists in these communities.

To that end we are undertaking activities that are not part of the standard RFQ/commissioning process, including outreach activities with Ready Go tools and too connect artists to new techniques, we are planning several Intro to Techniques sessions with local experts, including Chicago Ave Fire Arts Center (enameling)  and Good Space Murals (polytab murals).

Our intention is that through this process of exposing artists to new techniques for creating large, exterior artworks and providing assistance throughout the process, even artists who are not selected will have experience and access to info that will make it possible to apply to other, future public art opportunities.

Project Timeline:
Spring 2018
-Outreach with Ready Go tools
-Request for Qualifications (RFQ) released- May 5—this will let artists know how to apply.
-Intro to Techniques sessions—designed to connect artists to accessible techniques for large scale, exterior artworks.

Summer 2018
-Info Sessions/Study Halls for applicants—get help responding to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Fall 2018
-Info Sessions/Study Halls for applicants
-Panel discussion with Public Art experts on responding to RFQs.
-Responses to RFQ due in October
-2-4 artists selected to submit full proposals

Winter 2019
-Artist selected—begin work on commission.

September 2019
-Completed work finished/installed. Public celebration

More info

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Questions? Please contact Peter Haakon Thompson

Springboard Staff

Community Development Coordinator

For Rondo Opportunities questions, please contact:
Community Development Coordinator,
Peter Haakon Thompson