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Request a Mediation

The Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) is a non-profit community organization that provides mediation services to help individuals in conflict. Mediation services include mediation for 2 or more parties or a Conflict Coaching session with one party to prepare for a difficult conversation. Mediation is centered on the needs and interests of both parties and provides a safe, neutral and confidential space to talk. Springboard for the Arts is working with CRC to make mediation services available to artists in Minnesota.

Mediations are led by Qualified Neutrals who are trained to help people in conflict talk about a solution that works for both of them. Mediation is based on the belief that the best and most lasting outcome is one that is determined by the parties. Evaluations from people who use mediation services show satisfaction levels averaging 80-90%.

Benefits of Mediation:

Scheduled at a convenient time and location

Based on the needs and interests of both parties

Talk about a solution that works for both parties

Avoids the cost, stress and complexity of the courts and legal system

Mediation is voluntary and confidential

Topics for Mediation Include:

Misunderstanding or miscommunication on project size, scope and deliverables

Perception of nonperformance

Failure to return property

Missed rent payments on apartment or studio/risk of eviction

Roommate conflicts

Partner conflicts

What Happens Next?

Fill out the form below, or contact Andy at or 651-294-0907.

Once approved, the artist will be referred to the Mediation Case Manager at CRC to request a mediation.

The person requesting the mediation will talk with a Case Manager who will hear more about your situation and explain the mediation services available

The Case Manager will contact the other party and if they are willing, will arrange for a mediation, which usually lasts about 2 hours.

Springboard Staff

Artist Resources Director