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Last week the U.S. government separated children from their families at our border.

On Saturday, Thurman Blevins was killed by police in North Minneapolis.

Today the Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

These highly public events come on top of the daily personal ways that people in our communities experience oppression and violence–incidents that may not be in the news but are also traumatic.

Springboard for the Arts is an organization committed to the power of art to bring people together. We know that creativity and innovation are fueled by diverse people and perspectives and that artistic freedom is bound to our collective freedom. Our work is built on optimism that change is possible, and belief that the boldness and creativity of artists can help address the challenges facing our communities and systems. In that spirit, we remain committed to working with all our neighbors and to sharing our resources broadly and freely.

If you are an artist in Minnesota and belong to a community affected by these events and wanting to create an artistic response for and with your community:

If you are an artist in Minnesota looking for legal assistance