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Incubator Directory

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Hypnic Jerk Theatre

Hypnic Jerk Theatre aims to produce theatre that provokes conversations about our world that happen beyond the stage and after the closing curtain.

lumin(theater lab)

lumin(theater lab) aims to create a safe environment for a core group of highly-motivated members that encourages inspired creativity, trusting collaboration, audacious experimentation, and a rigorous exploration of theater.


OboeBass! aims to make music for everybody by stimulating performances and engaging educational performances

International Cello Institute

International Cello Institute aims to surround young people with excellence, and to help young cellists become the best versions of themselves.

Scenius Studio

Scenius Studio aims to create spaces, both physical and psychological, to awaken culture to its collective genius

Mid’West Soldier Drill Team & Drum Corp

Mid’West Soldier Drill Team & Drum Corp aims to reach out to children and teens from all walks of life to get them involved in dance and music.

Underground Media Collective

Undergound Media Collective aims to re-imagine media art and storytelling as a source of public media.


Spaceheater aims to bring all types of artists and designers together to exhibit, participate, learn, and share experience.

Minneapolis Printer’s Cooperative

Minneapolis Printer’s Cooperative aims to preserve and promote the craft of traditional letterpress printing, and create programs and educational opportunities rooted in the social role of printers to increase access to information, advance design innovation, and support the community.

MINNESHOWTA Variety Television Show Pilot

MINNESHOWTA Variety Television Show Pilot aims to bring all types of artists and designers together to exhibit, participate, learn, and share experience.

Wakemup Productions

Wakemup Productions aims to host artist workshops for Native youth at the Minneapolis American Indian center, gather guest artists and elders to teach youth valuable life lessons, and to create works of art to convey our collective message to the public via studio art practice and performance.

Emerging Curators Fellowship

Emerging Curators Fellowship aims to support five emerging curators and designate St. Paul as a hub for curatorial activity through a year-long fellowship program comprised of research, professional development, critical exchange, and public exhibitions.

Art Safari

Art Safari aims to provide a friendly place for kids and adults with emotional and mental health disabilities a place to learn how to paint, draw, and do multi-media projects.

Racing Age

Racing Age aims to promote and spread a healthy, positive image of active aging via photography exhibitions that appeal to people of all ages.

Playable Artworks

Playable Artworks aims to activate connections between people and places in order to change participants’ perceptions of our world and communities.


TEDxMinneapolis aims to tell the grand Minneapolis story via the TEDx “ideas worth sreading” platform.

Red Bird Theatre

Red Bird Theatre aims to work with the highest-caliber artists to produce plays that expose life’s transcendent moments.

Elision Productions

Elision Productions aims to develop and produce new or reimagined works that tell compelling stories with music, acting, and visual art.

Sigma’s Bookshelf

Sigma’s Bookshelf aims to exclusively publish the works of teen authors ages 12-19 at reduced cost.

The Snowblower Ballet

The Snowblower Ballet aims to transform the drudgery of snow removal into a joyful artistic event with dancers wielding snow blowers and snow shovels, throwing snow in time with live music.

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