Incubator Program

Springboard’s Incubator is a fiscal sponsorship program that provides fiscal sponsorship for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. In other words, we make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. In addition, Incubator artists receive support for their fundraising and marketing efforts, plus legal referrals and networking support.

Incubator is designed for arts groups and individual artist projects that have a nonprofit purpose and/or are looking at becoming their own tax exempt nonprofit organization. Sponsored projects must be artist-led, fit with the mission of Springboard for the Arts, and be based in or producing work in Minnesota. Springboard’s program does not sponsor for-profit corporations or LLCs.


  • Access to pro bono bylaw and articles of incorporation review; other pro bono or low-cost legal services are also available
  • Your project’s money held in a separate account and available to you as needed (given adequate notice)
  • Weekly deposit and check processing
  • Automated weekly account statements via email
  • Letters of agreement for grant applications available as needed (you must inform Springboard of your intent to apply at least five business days before a proposal is due)
  • Donors who give $250.00 or more to your project (individual and corporation/foundation) are sent acknowledgements from Springboard to document tax deductions
  • Your project’s own online fundraising page available through
  • Access to other low-cost Springboard services, including organizational consulting as well as discounts on meeting room rental and certain workshops.


  • $95 one-time application fee
  • $95 annual membership fee
  • 7% administration fee on all funds managed

Is the program for me?

We want to make sure the program is right for you, that you’re not only eligible, but ready.
We ask that you first look over the Frequently Asked Questions

Even more details about how the program works are in our Fiscal Sponsor program manual.

We’ve also created a list of the most common pieces you’ll want or need to have in place before considering fiscal sponsorship: Readiness Evaluation

The submission process does not allow you to save an unfinished application. Look over a sample application first to prepare.

You’ll need to submit a budget with your application. Click here for some tips on creating a good budget, some examples, and a downloadable sample budget.

Are you all set? Answer a few multiple-choice questions to confirm your eligibility and then you will be directed to a secure online application form.

Still have questions?

Contact us at

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